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About Me

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Kate Riffler, MA, MPhil, MTA


Growing up in London, I read English Literature at Trinity, Cambridge from which I graduated with a double first.  Immediately after my undergraduate degree, I completed my MPhil in Education and Literature. During this time I worked with students in a number of top London independent schools, and honed my own teaching skills within a demanding and highly academic environment.


Among other academic successes I have a number of published papers, including for Faber on T S Eliot, research credits, extensive teaching experience, and accolades.  After my degrees I immediately began tutoring, having discovered a love for teaching during my research in Literature and Education. Since then, I have been tutoring professionally, working with numerous students in a wide range of countries, and enjoying outstanding success.  I am a member of The Tutors’ Association, fully DBS checked and have worked with students from many different backgrounds, including providing consultancy services for a number of top Educational Psychologists.


My students come from all walks of life, and include the children of diplomats, expatriates and international clients looking to educate their children in the British system. Equally, many of my students live within the UK and want the convenience of a competitive premium service using the latest in educational innovation.  I have tutored students in the UK, Hong Kong, China, Russia and South Korea for schools including St Paul's, Eton, Harrow, Wycombe Abbey and more.  Scholarship experience includes the King's Scholarship at Eton, as well as scholarships at Harrow and The Challenge at Westminster.

My students are of all ages, from 7+ up to degree level.  At early levels and for school placement I offer a traditional ‘governess’ role, tutoring all subjects up to the 13+ exams.  Additionally, during these years I provide a schools placement and consultancy service, working alongside parents to select the schools most appropriate for their children, then working to achieve offers of admission.  I see any such preparatory tutoring as a holistic work, working with parents and students to create the best outcomes, acting as a mentor and advisor as well as simply an academic tutor. Confidence is absolutely key for all students, and my friendly yet challenging style helps prepare students for upcoming challenges.

At GCSE (including 9-1), I have tutored across all UK boards with great success for both English Language and English Literature.  The vast majority of my students improve their expected grade by two boundaries, with most receiving a 9 at GCSE (A*). I am also an examiner for the English IGCSE, giving me a direct insight into the marking process and up-to-date insights, which I can then feed back to both students and parents..  My students are aided by the top-level materials which I create for each individual student, personalised to their needs. For the GCSEs I additionally tutor a range of humanities subjects. For non-UK students I am equally well-versed in the IB Middle Years Programme.


At A-Level and IB I have equally tutored extensively for Language and Literature, with success demonstrated in the excellent results of my students, most of whom go on to receive an A* (A-Level) or a 7 (IB), allowing them entry to the universities of their choice.  Consequently, I also have first-hand expertise in a wide range of texts, speaking and writing types, which for IB has proved extremely useful for the different tasks set (both written and oral). For A-Level it means I am adept at providing critical texts for students, helping them improve their own essays and consideration of broader academic contexts.  

I also provide a university selection service and Personal Statement service, helping students navigate the UCAS system and preparing them for interviews and personal statements, including preparation for Oxbridge.  For students applying to US universities I also teach the SAT and college application essays. 

​I believe strongly that academic success comes not only from a firm grasp of analysis and sensitivity to texts, but also from a sense of personal fulfillment in the subject.  As such, I always endeavor to help my students discover their own interest in the subject, as well as their own style of learning. No two students are the same, nor should they be treated as such!  I am a highly patient and friendly tutor, and always strive to make my lessons enjoyable and relaxed, whilst maintaining my pupil's personal drive.


For our tutoring sessions I use a variety of different softwares depending on the location of the student.  Skype works extremely well for many students, but others may prefer Zoom, WeChat (China) or BOTIM (UAE). For students of English, especially at higher levels, Google Documents can prove an extremely useful tool for collaborative writing and marking, while for Maths I use BitPaper - an online collaborative whiteboard which can be saved to provide comprehensive notes.  These are simply my most frequently used tools - many others can be used to great effect for specific needs and subjects.  

I also provide students with school specific preparation guides, text notes and a range of examination materials, complementary samples of which can be found in ‘Notes on English’. 

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